Grow and maintain your book of business.

A single integrated platform that helps benefits consultants convert more business, retain clients and execute on cost savings goals.

Circular diagram visualizing Handl Health's solutions process: convert, retain, and execute.

Increase conversion rates through compelling, data-driven differentiation.

Gone are the days of relying on discount analyses that are impossible to validate, or expensive actuarial analyses with limited insights.

Handl Health's solutions use provider and carrier negotiated rates from price transparency files, allowing you to quickly compare network performance and differentiate from your competition when bidding for new business.

Project healthcare spend using industry benchmarks around population risk and healthcare utilization with employer census.
Quickly and objectively evaluate carrier network performance to help your clients build affordable and accessible health plans.
Evaluate carrier network performance by market or employer without the need for costly RFPs.
Diagram visualizing projected savings over time between current and new insurance networks.
Diagram visualizing projected savings over time between current and new insurance networks.

Improve client retention through innovative cost containment and plan design strategies.

Start by selecting the right network based on your clients needs.

Use unit cost and total cost of care to design the right plans with incentive structures that drive down cost.

Provide access to information and tools to execute on savings opportunities identified.

A horizontal bar chart visualizing potential savings through care navigation in United States Dollars. There are two bars per category (facility type), with one bar resembling a health system and the other bar representing a standalone facility.
Bar chart showing potential cost savings between health systems and standalone facilities.

Continuously execute cost savings opportunities presented from the data.

Turn analytics into action by giving members access to cost information through their benefits portal, and implementing steerage strategies to drive savings.

Take your business to new heights.