We're revolutionizing how health plans are built and managed.

A headshot photo of a Handl Health founding team member.

Who we are

Handl Health is a first-to-market AI platform that aggregates and analyzes publicly available healthcare pricing data to help insurance brokers convert new business, retain clients and execute on savings opportunities.

For decades, benefits consultants have been starved of the data needed to objectively and effectively build affordable health plans, resulting in billions of dollars in unnecessary spend due to a lack of transparency of healthcare costs. Handl Health solves this problem by gathering newly published price transparency data and delivering it through a user-friendly, self-service platform tailored to help benefits consultants build and maintain high performing health plans for their clients.

Our mission

Handl Health exists to empower benefits consultants in offering accessible and affordable health plans, helping employers save on costs, and ensuring employees and their families access the care they need without any compromises

Our team

Frustrated with working and living in a broken system, Ahmed and Ria founded Handl Health in 2022 after being awarded a grant from the National Institute of Health to research the impact of price transparency legislation on the American employer and consumer.

Their research led to the development of Handl Health's platform and the incorporation of the company.

A headshot photo of a Handl Health founding team member.
Ahmed Marmoush
Co-founder & CEO

Ahmed comes from a family of pharmacists who immigrated from the Middle East to New Zealand when he was a child. Ahmed practiced clinical pharmacy for four years before going back to business school for a post-grad diploma in health management.

He then spent 10 years in healthcare management consulting as one of the digital health leaders at Ernst & Young helping healthcare systems and payers across the US, UK and New Zealand build new digital businesses and products.

Ahmed’s global experience provides him with a unique perspective on the drivers of success in high value, cost controlled health systems.

A headshot photo of a Handl Health founding team member.
Ria Shah
Co-founder & COO

Ria holds a degree in Analytics & Finance from Wharton. Prior to founding Handl Health, Ria was a strategy consultant for EY-Parthenon, specializing in developing data strategy for health systems and payors.

Her career took her to EY-Parthenon Berlin, where she focused on using public and proprietary data to create value and outcomes-based contracts for public payors and big pharma.

At Handl Health, Ria oversees operations and data science, leading the development of the Handl Health’s network comparison and analytics capabilities

A headshot photo of a Handl Health founding team member.
Shapari Samimi
Founding Director, Sales & Marketing

Shapari holds a Masters of Arts in Strategic Public Relations from the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, where she focused her degree on Healthcare Communications.

Shapari is an ex-agency communications and marketing professional specializing in high-growth go-to-market strategies and consumer literacy for top healthcare and pharma businesses.

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