Empower members with upfront cost information when searching for care.

Plug pricing data into your member-facing tools with Handl Health's CAA-compliant technology, Arke, designed to use analytics and network data to drive cost savings.

A summary of a future colonoscopy appointment with location, doctor, and cost breakdown.

Healthcare service shopping driven by real-time analytics.

Use insights to proactively drive better decision-making for members.
Steer members to better care
Deliver ongoing cost savings
Comply with CAA requirements

Use real-time cost data to drive decision-making.

Help members make the right decision when searching for care with analytics-driven cost information and steerage, making the right thing to do the easy thing to do.

Different insurance options for a colonoscopy procedure.
A visual resembling an API.

API-based technology to integrate with any interface.

Create a seamless member experience by integrating Handl's API into your portal, or leveraging one of our verified member experience partners.

CAA-compliant technology showing upfront out-of-pocket costs for all healthcare services.

Meet requirements of CAA Transparency in Coverage rule while driving members to higher value care.

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A detailed cost breakdown of a colonoscopy.

Drive ongoing cost savings determined by data.