Access carrier negotiated rates with complete objectivity and no restrictions.

Evaluate networks for prospects or clients with Iris to understand cost, and drill down to understand disruption risk, maximizing plan affordability and accessibility.

Three charts visualizing in and out-of-network insurance information.

Over 1 trillion pricing data points, unleashing endless possibilities of innovative plan design.


billing codes






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Craft the perfect prospect pitch using price transparency data.

Reprice employer claims across carriers to understand potential cost savings of switching to a different network, and download the report to include in your client pitch.

Vertical bar chart visualizing savings analysis in United States Dollars for different insurance networks.
Bar chart showing potential cost savings between health systems and standalone facilities.

Deliver on client needs with ongoing analytics.

Reconcile claims with price transparency data to evaluate member utilization and identify savings opportunities through care navigation.

Horizontal bar chart visualizing "Average Allowed Amounts" by "Speciality".
Horizontal bar chart visualizing "Average Allowed Amounts" by "Speciality".

Design dynamic plans with real-time provider analytics.

Look into provider performance within a client's plan and develop real-time network tiers to always ensure the best value for clients and members.

Single source to house all reports for clients and prospects
Personalized reports by employer group or market
Shareable links to give clients access to unique dashboard views
Export charts, graphs and underlying data to add to presentations and pitches

Powerful capabilities giving you the data you need to stand out and succeed.

Our dynamic analytics dashboard helps you compare, select, and optimize yearly healthcare costs throughout the year.

Always have access to the data you need.