Build high performing health plans with price transparency data.

Handl Health is a first-to-market AI platform that compares prices of carrier networks and healthcare providers to help benefits consultants design and manage best in class health plans.

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Benefits consultants who use Handl Health see results.

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Access network analytics with none of the limits.

Never rely on carrier discounts again with Handl Health’s comprehensive data analytics tool, Iris. Use contracted rates to evaluate networks and understand disruption risk of switching your clients or prospects to a new plan.

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Push insights into member tools to continuously drive cost savings.

Selecting the network is just step one. Look under the hood to design plans around high performing providers and push these insights into member tools to make right decision the easiest one when searching for care.

Different insurance options for a colonoscopy procedure.

Elevate your business with Handl Health.

Our solutions are specifically designed to help benefits consultants gain and convert more leads, enhance client retention and achieve cost savings objectives.

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What our clients are saying

“Handl Health has been a game-changer for my business. The analytics have uncovered real savings opportunities for my clients, which we've been able to take real action on through our member tools.”

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Price transparency is here to stay.

Transparency in Coverage

Requiring health plans (insurance carriers and self-funded employers) to publicly publish a machine-readable file of all negotiated rates, and give members internet-based tools to search for care and understand their out-of-pocket costs.

Hospital Price Transparency

Requiring hospitals to publish machine-readable files that include the gross charges, discounted cash prices, payer-specific negotiated rates and minimum and maximum negotiated charges for all services and procedures, as well as provide a consumer-friendly internet-based tool to allow patients to search for care and understand costs.


is the average variation in healthcare costs across and within networks.

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What are the sources of Handl's data?

Thanks to legislation like Hospital Price Transparency and Transparency in Coverage, all negotiated rates between carriers and providers, as well as gross charges and cash prices from hospitals, are publicly available.

We gather this data and supplement it with other data sources like claims, Medicare rates and provider directories to create a holistic and accurate dataset.

How does Handl gather the data?

Just because it’s publicly available, doesn’t mean it’s easy to get. In fact, it can be quite the opposite! We’ve developed proprietary AI models that allow us to clean and organize publicly available healthcare price transparency data at scale.

How does Handle ensure the data is reliable?

Data reliability is our top priority. We transform publicly available pricing data to make it usable for benefits consultants with a 3-step validation process. This includes matching multiple datasets (from carriers and providers), comparing the rates against industry benchmarks and reconciling them with claims.

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With Handl Health, you’ll always have access to the data you need.